Insurance and Roofers Winsconsin

Many residents and homeowners are unaware that typical homeowners’ insurance policies will provide significant, if not full, policy for any repairs necessary for their own roof.

Because of the severe weather in Wisconsin and the frequency of roof damage in Wisconsin, insurance companies are very familiar with roofing claims and managing insurance policies for damage to roofs. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often challenge even the most clear-cut cases of weather-related harm to a roof and the homeowner will be left wondering if they’re insured.

Before putting in insurance coverage, contact our Best Roofing Wisconsin roofing expert to supply an evaluation of your roof. A specialist inspection will guarantee that there is no hidden damage. Trained eyes can ascertain whether shingles have been damaged because of wind (e.g., creased shingles), in addition to whether or not other regions of your construction have suffered damage, such as rotten wood in the decking (under the shingle) or elsewhere, damaged soffits, reduction of adhesive holding the shingles, rust into the roof flashing, or other typical areas of roofing damage. Our trained roofing assessors can also help guide you to know whether inside damage in the roof problem is likely.

Beyond simply understanding the kind and degree of the roofing damage to your roof, our Roofers in Wisconsin team understands key aspects of insurance policy to make sure you have a clear picture of your rights!

Did you understand that?

  • Specific statutes under Wisconsin state law require insurance companies to replace a damaged roof according to a portion of the region damaged versus the entire size of the roof

  • Insurers are bound to match damaged tiles or shingles into the surrounding area or replace the complete part of the roofing

  • Standard homeowners insurance policies insure roof damage, in addition to the damage to the interior of the home

  • There is a gap between ACV (actual cash value) and the replacement cost of a roof. Knowing these distinctions can mean the difference between a completely coated roof fix and one where the homeowners are left to pay substantial elements of this cost!

  • Throughout the process, our staff will support you in the correct and fair correction of any roofing issues. This means our services provide, at no extra cost:

  • No obligation roof inspection

  • Detailed information regarding your roof damage to assist in making a complete insurance claim

  • Meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss the assessment

  • Homeowner assistance throughout the process

We have the expertise which you can trust with your roof issues and guidance in full, fair insurance claims!