Sometimes Roof Repairs Are Unavoidable. Here’s the Solution.


Heavy storms and hail can severely damage your roofing, creating costly roof repairs in Asheville with stressful yet unavoidable insurance claims. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable unless you live in a dwelling without any roof. Fortunately, the best roofers in Asheville, NC offer specially designed impact-resistant shingles with high-quality protection for your roof with the potential of saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Seasonal Storms

Spring and Summer storms frequently blow through neighborhoods and towns leaving costly damage behind. High winds and hail are also common occurrences that can lead to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in a few short minutes. If you live in Asheville, roof repair might be inevitable from time to time. It goes without saying that high winds can tear off entire sections of roofing material, leaving your home or business exposed to the elements.

Property owners, insurance adjusters, and roofing contractors spend lots of time together dealing with the aftermath.

Sizeable hail can impact your roof and crack, dent, or even puncture the roofing material. It can also cause damage by simply knocking the protective coatings off the shingles and exposing the underlying layers to further damage.

It may seem as if we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and that all we can do is sit back.

There is actually something you can do to minimize the damage caused to your roof when the inevitable storm rolls through. It is called Impact Resistant Roofing.


Try Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles for Your Home

If your home has experienced storms before then there is a chance that some parts may have been damaged by sharp objects such as flying debris or even hail. No doubt that you’ve already considered roof repair in Asheville.

Impact-resistant shingles for your roof come in various styles and types, naturally accenting your home. Impact-resistant roofing is specially designed and does exactly what the name implies – it resists impact. These shingles come in different classes and are rated class 1-4 according to UL standards. Class 4 has the highest resistance and impact rating.

This impact material undergoes thorough testing to ensure the highest quality of protection for your home. Even with torrential storms, your home will remain protected. The material minimizes the amount of damage sustained if hail unloads in your area.


Impact Resistant Roofing Can Help You Save Money

Impact-resistant shingles help prevent costly damage and will last longer than your home. Yes, these are typically a larger upfront cost but the money you spend now is a long-term investment that will not only save money over time but offer an instant increase in your property’s value and curb appeal.

Because it helps minimize damage from severe weather, many insurance companies will give you a discount for having these shingles installed on your home. Check with your insurance agent to find out more about discounts available to you.

A professional roofing contractor in Asheville, NC should be able to educate you on the style and material options that are available to you. However, here at Best Roofing WNC we always recommend that you compare at least 3 estimates regardless of whether or not you feel satisfied with the first estimate you’ve received.